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Whether you need Training, Fills or a Local Dive Guide, Neptune's Army Diving is the place to call. Located in Whitby, Ontario we are central to the G.T.A. and some of the best diving that Ontario has to offer and we can help get you into the water.


Comfortable and flexible for ring systems or as pull-overs
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Cylinder fills by appointment Air, Nitrox and TriMix
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Add your Shearwater dive computer data to your videos with synchronized real-time information displays.
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71% of of the earth is covered in water.
I think of myself like a drug dealer. I will get you started with just a taste of diving, get you hooked ... and I have a new dive buddy for life.
Tyler Caughill
Tyler Caughill CAO of Neptune's Army
Roughly 35% of certified divers are women. Ladies, step up and help bring equality to our sport!

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The Canadian Sub-Aqua Club is a not-for-profit organization based in the Toronto area that trains divers, meets weekly and plans dives across Ontario and abroad. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in scuba diving.
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